Paper Colors and Styles

All my book jewlery is available in the colors and styles shown below. All my swirled papers are hand-make by Oregon paper artist, Peggy Skycraft.

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Old Text

old text paper Old Text style earrings

The paper is from Kebel's "Reports" a book printed in England in 1686. When we found the book it was missing its cover and the first 50 pages, and it had been sitting in water, but we were able to save some of the upper half of the pages to use for our book jewelry.



novel paper Novel style earrings

The paper is from vintage novels, chosen for typical vocabulary as well as paper texture. I don't use anything racy or violent, but there's not enough text to get much context anyway. Words on the outside is a little unconventional, but it instantly conveys bookishness!



blossom paper Blossom earrings

This cheerful paper mixes aqua blues with pink highlights.



blue and pink paper Geisha earrings

This paper with colors of blue, lavender and pink is soft and bright.



red and pink paper Kaleidoscope earrings

Vibrant, lively, intense — these swirls are of black, red, turquoise, and tan.



red and pink paper Lipstick earrings

This dazzling paper mixes electric coral, red and pink.



blue and pink paper Midnight earrings

This subtle paper design mixes mysterious, dark, deep blues with a touch of tan and black.