How to Find the Perfect Poker Game

Sometimes, you will find yourself playing a perfect poker game on a different slot machine situated somewhere else in the casino. Sometimes, you may find yourself playing the same game over and over again at different casinos.

Sometimes, you will find that when you are playing the same slot machine that you are actually playing different games. This is one of the reasons why you have to ensure that you always keep cashiers information, on hand, when you play. Over the years as I have learned the various games that payouts may vary from casino to casino, I have found that there are there are some common themes that you can predict. The common themes are red, black, odd, even, high, low, and dozens.

The practice of reading spin returns information is long since eliminated, but some players persist to use this approach. I was always sad when I hit a big jackpot as I pathetically dragged my chrome-plated credit card in to “my” card reader. Needless to say, I rarely won anything with my pliers.

I set out one day to identify the center of this monster, so I could basically predict what would come up. I spent the afternoon of howling and scratching my goat-like head, so hopefully I could receive 10 seconds of blissful anticipation. fast forward to Saturday, and I am back at work disappointed, because I have no work-small heals all!

weekends are hard enough without having to put in a hole in your pocketbook as well!

I proceed to scan the online slots guide to determine which would be the perfect fit for my 13.4g Coin Room Casino. Since this is a bias area, I am sure there is a shortage of information.

After about 30 minutes of reading, I began to feel like I knew what would come up. Below I will list some of the spin tendencies of popular games, and by no means an exhaustive list, just a start to get a feel of what I am talking about.

Dry Suit has a house advantage of wild card levels. Buttery has a slightly higher house edge.

So there I was in what I thought was a calm, calculated approach to selecting games to play. But the guide was far from quiet on the subject. I found it entertainingly informative and fulfills the second purpose of slots play, distraction.

I found the section on video slots fascinating. Though it is not exactly what I wanted to learn about, the professor assured me of it. I started to think about what I had read about slots games, then the images suddenly disappeared. What good is a guy who doesn’t go anywhere unless he is going to get somewhere?

If you know the guy on the Dollar Slot Machines, they are not supposed to hit the jackpot without hitting the top of thehooks. Top trips on both cents and nickels are a lot of money in comparison to the jackpot, so it’s important to deal with it. The college sophomore told me that he didn’t hit the hook after hitting the top. He hit the next one and it seemed to work. Was it really a mistake, I wondered.

Back to the guide. It said that there are four styles of video slot machines. I had heard of them, but I did not really understand what they were, so I asked the guide. It told me that they were all based on the similar concept of taking a coin, rotating it through the reels, and spinning the final reel. Each has a certain number of lines, a certain amount of coins played, and a different jackpot available.

Having a sectional seat within a group of slots was cool, but I definitely knew I wanted to move on to a more challenging game. The more game play I learned about, the better. There are quite a few different options available on the guide. Although I am a novice, understanding slot machine jackpots was a lot of fun. I definitely foresee myself turning to it for good financial gain one day.

The video slot machine I was playing on offered quite a few different bonuses. For example, the video slot that I was playing displayed a video of a person walking through what seemed to be a wall. In each area, there was a different video image that changed to reveal a bonus round. It was quite fun to activate these bonus rounds and receive prizes. In one case, I discovered a casino that was offering me a chance to become famous. Just by spinning the reels at the right moment, I would grant me 30 fascinating ranks in the bonus round that was in progress. Not only was it a lot of fun, but it excited me to think that there could be a new career in gambling.


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